I wanna be

where the people are


"She’s not a real monster."


why are there some lipsticks like $30 please calm down you glorified red crayon

The first person I’ve ever loved. The person I’ll always love. I love… I love you, Scott.

Brooke Davis Appreciation Week » Day 3: Favorite Season
I realize I let company matter too much. You know, we spend all this time building something up, And then we don’t enjoy it. We just sit there, terrified that someone is gonna take it away from us.

Anonymous: please check out blogs that like this?


  I promised Lily that we’d stuff 200 wedding invitations.

"Love is fragile. And we’re not always its best caretakers. We just muddle through and do the best we can. And hope this fragile thing survives against all odds."

pretty little liars: a summary [insp]

Happy 25th birthday, Daniel Jacob Radcliffe! (July 23, 1989)